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Yarr is much more than a token, it is a reward focused multi chain, multi layer ecosystem aiming to bring financial freedom to the masses by constantly providing new opportunities for passive income

Welcome to Yarr

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Like every area of life consumers in crypto all have their own preferences. Some like trading established tokens whilst some like diamond handing lower cap tokens, some want to take part in the presale of the next 100x and some love collecting the finest of NFTs
The Yarr ecosystem will consist of a cross chain exchange, multiple swaps on various chains, a launchpad and an NFT trading platform. So whatever your needs we have you covered
Why Choose Yarr

The Yarr Ecosystem

Skull And Cross Chain

Our low fee instant exchange allowing for cross chain transactions


A collection of decentralised exchanges each operating on a different chain Featuring 8% $Yarr buyback and NFT staking

Yarr Launch

Multi chain Launchpad feeding new projects into our swaps

Yarr NFT

NFT market place for our artistic shipmates

Salty Seadogs

Our 10k NFT collection which will help us raise swap liquidity and can be staked for a share of the transaction fees taken

How It Works

Fill In Exchange Details Choose an exchange pair from the list. There are more than 50,000 of them, so you will definitely find one that you want.
Make A Deposit Check all exchange details, get an estimated transaction time, and send your funds to our one-time deposit address.
Receive Crypto Enjoy the ChangeNOW magic. We'll find the best possible exchange rate, swap your assets, and send them back to you in a few minutes.


    Sharing The Treasure

    At Yarr we want to reward our diamond handed shipmates, so we are offering nft staking on the swaps plus allocating a hearty percentage of the fees taken on the platforms to buy back and burns of $Yarr token, this will increase price,volume and rewards generated The rewards from each platform we will use is as follows
    Skull and cross chain,Yarr launch and Yarr nft
    Nft staking reward pool


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